What Is There To Smile About?

by Weather, Or Whatever

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Recorded by Weather, or Whatever in the spring of 2014, in a house in Canandaigua, NY.


released May 9, 2014

Guitar/Bass - Javan Levey
Drums - Ben Chesnes
Guitar/Bass/Vocals - Chris Flack



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Weather, Or Whatever Rochester, New York

We're a three piece based out of Rochester, NY.

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Track Name: Fast-Track Happiness
Who has got that sappy sadness?
Are you truly a sad, sad soul?

Don't you want to forget it all?
I know I do; everyone does.

You want that youthful nature
But you just feel old and cold

Do what I do: Go on and take that
Fast-track happiness

You've got that sad-sack happiness
Do you love what you've become?

My guess is that you're frustrated
Just like I am; don't you hate it?

Are you truly a sad, sad soul?
Or do you just use it to confuse your goals?
To diffuse your coals?
To extinguish the flame
That you worked so hard to create
In the first place?
Track Name: Four Months and Counting
It's been months. I think we both stopped counting.
It's been long enough for all my friends to be fed up with frowning.
I gave up, but only on myself.
And with some luck, I'll get some help today.
I won't push it away.

It's been ten years. I want something.
Don't leave me here. I've got nothing.
Track Name: Raincoat
Outside, standing in your raincoat
You look right; you're hiding your eyes.
I won't bite. I'll tell you that you ain't close
It's all lies; you won't be surprised.
Aren't you fine? Dolled up in your paint clothes
You look nice; you're my kind of mind.
Now inside, staring at your ankles
You all right? I don't mean to pry.

But why
Does it seem I never know how to handle it?
It seems I never know how to handle it.

I wish I could sleep.
But I will "lie" awake.
And relive al my mistakes.
Track Name: A New Sense of Belonging
Cold ground, looking down
Underneath an awning
I was searching for the framework
That we left at the bus stop
Then I stopped.

Three breaths deep, I covered my mouth
When I saw you yawning
But I should have smothered my entire existence
Because I couldn't do it; I wasn't talking.

Now: we are on our way.
The same music always plays
Is this the Get Up Kids again?
How have you not lost your mind?
I think I'm losing mine
In the front seat of your car tonight.

I'm walking home.

Common ground: We have found
A new sense of belonging
And I know, because I've done the same
But I never felt the same sense of struggle to change.

You: you made a great escape.
I hope that I can make
A horrible soundtrack to your days.
I know that we have made it so far.
But are you really happy how you are?

Just say the word

And I'll get out of your car.
Just let me out of your car.
Just how can you be so sure?

Are you sure?
Think for a few days.
I know that it's been months.
I guess I could wait more,
But you seem so sure.

So I'm walking home.
I guess I'm walking home.

You told yourself it's better.
So of course it must be better left alone.
But happiness must matter.
Are you really feeling happy on your own?